Qooley Code of Conduct

Guidelines for providing amazing experiences:


At Qooley, we expect our “Qooley Locals” to provide positive, inspiring, and impactful experiences, ultimately facilitating deeper human-to-human connections. We believe that by incorporating the following principles, you can provide truly amazing experiences for your audience and build lifelong connections while upholding the mission of our company.  So, we will use these principles as a measure of your success on our platform.


Be Respectful

We expect Qooley Locals to be respectful of all users on the platform regardless of their age, race, gender as well as political or religious beliefs. Being disrespectful to our users on the platform will mean immediate cancellation of your activity listings. We believe that it is extremely important to be respectful in order to build trust with all the stakeholders.  

Be Open-Minded

We believe that the Qooley Local should have an open mind while listening to and interacting with the audience, as this will help establish rapport and lead to a deeper connection.  Ultimately, the audience wants to learn more about your passion, your art, your culture, and your history, so please be open in sharing your perspectives and your honest feelings with them as well.  

Be Compassionate

Compassion is key to deeper human-to-human connections leading to lifelong relationships. We also believe that being compassionate will truly help you understand your audience, and make it easier to personalize your experience.

Be Helpful

Help the audience understand your perspective better.  Share your tips and tricks with them.  Help them navigate their way through your world so they can have a truly fulfilling experience. Be their guide. 


Be Passionate

You can provide a truly inspiring and impactful experience when your audience can feel your passion.  We believe that if you are passionate about what you do, you will be more creative and you will go the extra mile to captivate your audience.

Be Cheerful

Your attitude while you're offering your activity will have a lot of impact on how the audience perceives their own experience to be like.  We encourage you to be as cheerful and as energetic as possible, and let your positive energy make a lasting impression with the audience, so they can look back and cherish the time they spent with you. 


Be Transparent

We expect Qooley Locals to have transparent and timely communication with our team as well as users across the platform. We understand that circumstances change at times outside of our control, which may lead to cancellations. But timely and transparent communication will help you establish reliability with our company as well as your audience.