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Promote the Health and Wellbeing of your Employees

Make Onboarding, Training, and Customer Events More Productive

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What People Said

  • Vika

    "Claire is wonderful comedian. Her joke are not only flawless, but also hilarious. She was also very relatable to on many levels. Highly recommended! You won’t be disappointed."

  • John

    "My department hired your gifted comedian Tyler Fowler to conduct my retirement roast.  I could tell that my long career, which yielded many funny stories, was well-researched by Tyler with my work associates from the last 35 years; so it felt very personal.  He included many details about me, such as using the same cracked plastic thermal coffee cup for the last 25 years and sharpening pencils to the last inch, to paint a humorous picture of me.  He turned laudable characteristics into oddball eccentricities!  Tyler is a polished, hilarious, professional comedian who "got me perfectly.”  Thank you for making it work so seamlessly!"

  • Jyoti

    "Having a magician come to our home virtually was such a fun event not only for the kids, but the parents as well. I will definitely be hiring more entertainers for family events and kids birthday parties in the future. Can’t wait to get a comedian for date night. What a cool concept, especially during difficult times when we feel like we’re unable to go to comedy clubs and entertaining shows!"

  • Nick

    "Easton is a riot! He is energetic, intelligent, and on point. His material is fresh and relevant to us and the current times. The theme we chose was date night and Easton delivered! He spent the first few minutes getting to know us, and then throughout our session, he impressively interweaved a lot of his material and his life experiences towards us and our dating/married life. The experience was very memorable, engaging, and intimate"

  • Katie

    "My personal comedy show with Easton Gage through Qooley was nothing short of an amazing time, filled with countless belly-laughs!  It was a truly unique entertainment experience that I could not believe I was having from the comfort of my living room.   It's like bringing the comedy club into your home!"

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Request the artist/s of your choice to perform at your virtual office party, team building event, award or recognition night, or user conference.  Our artists can also help you gamify your employee training and on-boarding activities to drive home key messages.  Furthermore, we can help you build rapport with your customers by enhancing your customer-focused events!

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If you love people and want to share your knowledge or skills with others, become a Qooley Artist or Qooley Professional! Help create enriching and memorable experiences for our guests, patrons, and clients.